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Web and microsites

Web sites and microsites, optimised for the end user, whether it is for online, mobile or totally self contained for standalone portable storage delivery such as flash drives and dvd-rom.

Approaching projects at a variety of stages, from initial conception, design and wireframing to updates and improvements, code tweaks, artworking, animating elements and enabling clients to edit their own content.

Where possible, vector artwork is used to keep filesizes down and loading times faster, particularly in flash output. Where flash is used, transparency is utilised as much as possible to avoid slow loading video, instead delivering an animation with little to no buffering within seconds. As the animation is ideally within flash, rather than flattened video, high levels of interactivity are easy to integrate.

Live sites: Auntie Julie

3d design
Examples of Flash work here, so Flash player required Get Adobe Flash player

3d design and rendering from original artwork, to 3d logo creation from your logo and accurate visualisations from CAD designs. These can be represented in situ, and as a 3d breakaway composite to show inner workings or wireframes.

Blending print ready artwork with 3d and animation makes it possible to get subtle content not easily possible with real world photography, such as curling the catalogue's page edges slightly to imply what happens when clicked. Rollover the catalogue for example. This was used on the standalone install for Prism.

Game mapping and other 3d

Award winning maps for numerous games over the years, mostly for older consoles and PC. Mainly unreal and source engines, it would be great to get some updated maps out there using the current, thoroughly shiny engine iterations! These are from around 2004. Where possible, custom geometry and texturing is created from scratch.

Unreal Tournament
XIII... Cell shaded fun!
Eddy Lizzard