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V10... R.I.P. Flash x
Now what...

MadCapWeb has been my online playground, portfolio, and animation testbed since 2001. 
Beginning as Eddy Lizzard's Performing Pet Shop on geocities in 1999ish, morphing into lots of fun animations, reactive websites, and numerous other thinga-ma-jiggles over the course of about nine iterations.

Stick figure Jeff logo head walking with big pencil drawing a dotty line...

But then they killed Flash!
I mean, I know why, it's just that so much of my work was produced therein, and the things you could do with animation using a fraction of the bandwidth that is used for video delivery with embedded interaction was truly a thing of wonder! I was Flash guru and optimisation specialist, with backend fed UI loading quick as a... well, Flash!   

It has taken a while to be in a position to even look at my online home of over 22 years, let alone switch numerous platforms and update it.
The obstacles which we have all faced for the past few years have been exacerbated by, let's just say here for brevity, external influences and insurmountable hindrance. Web development is such a quandry when you've been denied your own laptops. Long story... we'll get to that

 Fun First, and very much foremost! I don't know about you, but I need a chuckle before chores!

So, a clean wipe... let's start again...

MCW: VeeTen.Operation_Betty

We Are Back, Baby!

While we get things back in motion at MadCapWeb, please feel free to go and enjoy all the fun of the Binary Burps already all ready and waiting for you
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Spinning digital earth with binary arecibo message


Just made a website... You're looking at it!

Also, I've been sober for three years today x


In addition to my online presence at MadCapWeb, and BinaryBurp, you will find much of my output posted on various websites around the internetz.

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From us, to you...

Thank you for your time spent viewing a mere snippet of our various creations and shenanigans. We look forward to chatting with you sometime, whether to discuss your upcoming projects, or simply to put the world to rights, and hone in on those answers that we all seek!

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I Am Jeff The Chef... If you think I'm creative, you should meet my friends! We are many... We are coming...


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